Become CLTD Vendor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Canyon Lake Trade Days Vendor! Trade Days are scheduled the SECOND SATURDAY of Every Month from March thru December 9AM to 4PM. We understand if outdoor vendors start to clear out around 3PM during hot summer months. Our venue provides easy access for our outdoor vendors. Indoor booths are limited. Indoor vendors please arrive before 8AM. All vendors are usually welcome to stay & sell until 5PM.

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Allowed Sale Items

Canyon Lake Trade Days seeks 'Cottage Industry' Vendors and Arts & Crafts Artisans with Quality Hand-Crafted, Unique or Unusual Merchandise, or Professional Services. We are not a 'garage sale', 'flea market', 'swap meet' or 'rummage sale'! We limit Vendors selling similar items, and discourage & limit sales of generic imported or mass-produced items. All new Vendors should contact us to describe their products! (Note: we do not have a 'jury' system in place, but do use Vendor recommendations for renewals.)

CONCESSIONS: Generally, no food or dink items are allowed for sale for on-site consumption (please contact us about 'snack' sales)! We have our own Kitchen that our Sattler neighbors The Front Porch Grill use for catering. We also have Sergio's Taco across the street, Candy Mountain Shaved Ice behind us, and our local Canyon Lake area Boy Scouts make & sell Kettle Korn on site!


We have Indoor and Outdoor Booth Spaces. Please view and/or print our Booth Layout CLTD-BoothLayout.pdf and Area Map CLTD-AreaMap.pdf. Booth Layout and pricing is subject to change as we grow to fit our Vendors! We are an Open Air event - but all outdoor booths are full sun! Please be sure to bring your canopy and weights - no hammered in anchors allowed! Also, please provide your own tables and display items.

"Indoor Booths" are Air-Conditioned! Since we have very few indoor spaces, we reserve them for Vendors with personal needs or required for sale items.

"Double Booths" are available.

"With Equipment Area" are regular booths with an additional extended area for vehicle, trailer, storage, equipment or other 'non-vending' use only. Please note that these extended areas are next to traffic - they are designated and priced as 'Equipment Only' with 'No Vending'! If you need additional space for actual vending area, please plan on using a Double Booth. Booth size selection may be restricted by the actual requirements of your equipment.

Fees & Discounts

We are always willing to work with our Vendors to keep our venue profitable for everyone! Our booth fees for vendors that sell items is 20% of total sales at an event, up to $20 to $30 depending on booth size. For vendors with advertisement booths (or that provide a non-monetary service only) our fee is $20 to $30 depending on booth size. If you prepay, please ask us to carry forward an overpayment to the next event.

Electric Power & Water

We have very limited outside power at this time! $0 - $10 based on actual requirement. Because we are an open-air market, small fans and water misters are welcome at no charge. Please provide your own extensions cord(s), water hose(s) & faucet wye.

Terms & Agreement

These documents are pending!
Please View/Print our Vendor Terms: CLTD-VendorTerms.pdf
Then fill out and email our Vendor Agreement: CLTD-VendorAgreement.pdf (this form can be electronically filled out and saved).

Vendor Directory

To be listed in our Vendor Directory:
Please follow these steps:

  1. Click Here and Register a New Vendor Profile. The information you enter on this first page of your profile is private for CLEC personnel only.
  2. Please respond to the automated message sent to your email address asking you to validate your New Profile.
  3. Click Here and Update Your Vendor Profile; specifically, please update the 'Trade Days Vendor Profile' tabpage. The information you enter on this tabpage is public in our Vendor Directory.
  4. After we respond to the automated message sent to our email address, your Vendor Registration will be accepted and your information will appear in the Vendor Directory.
  5. Your information will stay in our Vendor Directory as long as you vend regularly at our Trade Days. You may Update your Vendor Profile at any time.

This site, like our Trade Days, is still under construction! And we are Open to Suggestions about either!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Canyon Lake Trade Days for more information.